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11/30/15 07:42 AM #9    

Terri Penttila (Swanson) (1966)

Back row 4th from left is Rae C. Stedman, 

01/06/16 02:32 PM #10    

Jean Pederson (Curry) (1966)

Ok Kids,

Lets get this ball rolling!

You know you are from Petersburg when you  ________________________________.

Fill in the blank, make it as long or as short as you want.  Past or current, anything goes.



01/06/16 05:29 PM #11    

MaryJane Parr (Larson) (1967)

Well Jean, I took your challenge. I also took an artists international challenge to paint 30 paintings in 30 days. Tod's. Jan.6. is day six. So far I have met the challenge. You can find my paintings on Facebook at mjlarsonpaintings. It has been a fun challenge but a painting a day means nothing else but paint, paint, paint. Hope you find something you like. They will all be for sale at 25% off my regular prices when the challenge is over. Keeping my brush wet! MaryJane Parr Larson

01/07/16 08:38 AM #12    


Jim Stoner (1967)

When you put on your Alaskan Tennis Shoes in the morning.

01/07/16 10:29 AM #13    

Luanne Heiner (Cottle) (1961)

You know about Tom Goodmans, The Dew Drop In, the Pastime, Winnie's, Bob and Jerry's, ATN, Petersburg Motors, trading Union, Sanitary Market, Ed Loken,all the Wikans and Hammers, Jones Loggng, ice skating at Falls Creek and Blind Slough, swimming at 3 mile, living in Scowbay, Petersburg Creek, Duncan many wonderful memories of my home town!

01/07/16 11:53 AM #14    

Jean Pederson (Curry) (1966)

You know you are from Petersburg when you know what this is....

Jaa hee, jaa haa, sis boom bah.

Petersburg, Vikings rah, rah, rahwink

Okay you 'older' kids, what is the rest of this.

01/07/16 02:32 PM #15    

Shirley White (Stephenson) (1963)

are the only one among your friends who understands what julebokking means!

01/08/16 06:05 AM #16    

Paula Thompson (Colby) (1959)

...when people ask you "What is that accent? Is it Scandinavian?"

or "Are you Norwegian?"

01/09/16 01:24 PM #17    

Jean Pederson (Curry) (1966)

01/10/16 12:53 PM #18    


Tammie Taylor (Mack) (1973)

Mrs.  Cornish back row second from right.  A nice picture of all. Mrs . Cornish rented one side of our old house currently The Bosworth home. 

Tammie Taylor Mack 

01/12/16 08:29 AM #19    

Kay Cisney (Bennett) (1961)

When you know the fight song:

Lutefisk lutefisk lefse lefse, we're the mighty Vikings, yah you betcha!  My sons always laughed like crazy when I'd sing this.





01/12/16 12:55 PM #20    

Gordon Odegaard (1957)

Lutefisk lutefisk tak du seal hav, Petersbug High School, ya ya ya!

01/14/16 11:33 AM #21    

Terri Penttila (Swanson) (1966)

You know you were from Petersburg if you knew you were part of the hill gang or point gang, right Doug?


02/04/16 10:37 PM #22    

Jean Pederson (Curry) (1966)

You know you are from Petersburg when you have this hanging in your garage.

02/05/16 06:56 AM #23    

David Heiner (1958)

I remember the smoked fish there and sure miss it, hard to find any good smoked fish here in Vancouver.

02/05/16 08:09 AM #24    

Luanne Heiner (Cottle) (1961)

Love Petersburg smoked salmon!  Can't find smoked salmon anywhere else that tastes right!  Only Petersburg Smoked Salmon will do. Haven't had it in many, many years!! :-(

02/05/16 11:58 AM #25    

Pauline (Polly) Allen (Wurth) (1956)

Miss Alaska Salmon...

02/05/16 12:13 PM #26    

Robin Lee (Smith) (1965)

A nice, big buck!

02/05/16 03:54 PM #27    

Sig Mathisen (1964)

You know you are from Petersburg when you are sitting on your lanai enjoying a beautiful Hawaiian sunrise, drinking a hot cup of Kona coffee, and listening to KFSK.

02/24/16 11:15 AM #28    

Mike Schwartz (1959)

Dave Randrup passed from this world to the next  early this morning. He was a very special man. I had the privalege of being his hunting, fishing partner and friend for some 65 years. He was one of the few men I know that you could drop off any wherein the remotest place in the wilds of Alaska,with his rifle and backpack, and he would survive under the most extreme conditions. I always said he should have been born some 200 years ago and President Jefferson would have sent him with Lewis and Clark to venture West. He was an incredible family man and provided an 40 years of service to the people of Petersburg. He was a rare individual and will be missed by many. He spoke of many of u often with love and respect. God speed Dave and give our best to those who will be greeting you. The rest of us our only a breath away and will be along soon enough.

06/21/16 03:14 PM #29    

Jean Pederson (Curry) (1966)

Perkins's photo.
Keith Perkins with John Hansen.
11 hrs · Sitka, AK ·
"Just try to be the best you can be; never cease trying to be the best you can be. That's in your power." ~~ John Wooden

"Well, if you are true to yourself, you will be true to others." ~~ John Wooden

"The most important thing in the world is Family and Love." ~~ John Wooden


The profession of a coach, a good coach, is that he is a teacher of life, through the profession of coaching. Through his or her lessons in coaching - generations of student-athletes may not see those lessons until later in life, from his/her individual charges who they coached. The even stronger measurement in those athletes is how much they respect and love their coach when they are adults and understand the lessons he or she was using to instill good and positive qualities and traits in that student-athlete.

"Itchy"........that brings so many memories to me about this larger than life character who was such a good, fun, close, crazy, happy, laughing, smiling friend of my dad's. I knew Mr. Hansen as "Itchy" when I was little, such was the length of friendship he and my dad enjoyed. I got to know him as "Coach" from back in the day, as I grew up and also as my Vice Principal in the hallways of Sitka High School. I cannot think of any generation of high school basketball players from around SE Alaska, above me, where Coach "Itchy" Hansen's name didn't come up when we started reflecting on coaches we respected, and we had fun with.

I didn't have him as a coach for my high school years. By that time, he was enjoying the world of "retirement" from coaching after decades of being at the helm. I DID have him for a couple of weeks, during Christmas break, coaching our practices. I think I was probably in the best shape of my life after two weeks with him, learned a lot, and dang it was fun. And who could forget "the Spock" grip he had while he was smiling with you. And I will NEVER forget the experience of him and Turtle Davis coaching us in Babe Ruth All Stars. Thaaaaat only brings fun, funny memories back.

It is the enduring friendship aspect of Mr. Hansen that I truly appreciated in him, for me and my sons, for Gary, for my Dad, but truly, it was always amazing to me how he worked to try to keep up on and with so many of his friends even as he and his beloved, beautiful wife Pat had been wintering, of late, down south. In recent years, it was truly "summer" in Sitka when he and Pat would show up at Moller Park to raz me and other umpires in little league games, only to enjoy the laughing and fun of it all, after the games were over. And, as always, he wanted to know how me and the boys were doing - family things.

I treasure the HPR Rec gathering where we were celebrating Tammee, and the family was gathered. It was fun to see him in the element of being "Dad." So many conversations, such much smiling, so many thoughtful moments he shared with kids and grandkids. A lasting impression for me, about Coach, about "Itchy".....that husband, father, grandpa, great grandpa aspect about this larger than life character we all know. I truly appreciate that, through his close friendship with my Dad, that I was able to enjoy a good, close friendship with Mr. Hansen. It's so many moments when I think of the conversations that he and I have had over the years. He was more of an Uncle to me than a friend of my dad's or to me.

I appreciate that John and Ron let me know this morning about Mr. Hansen leaving us. But dang, did he leave an imprint on this world. And I suspect, they are both right - that reunion he has been having with Dad is nothing but LOUD laughter, smiles and hugs between friends, him slapping dad on the back and seeing what sort of mischief they can begin creating. Two characters who loved life and gave so much of themselves yet enjoyed doing and being who they were, and are, to us all.

As the family gathers to Mom, I cannot help but think that "Itchy" is wanting them to think of him and smile - he valued family and loyalty and to be the best you can be. That shows in his entire family - the kids and grandkids that he and Pat raised, and helped raise. That is truly his lasting mark on generations of family and also generations of kids that he coached - a great legacy on life. That is something I'm sure he is most proud of - how he helped his kids prepare to be the best they can be in life and for us that he coached in life - to strive to be the best we can be, to be true to oneself, and to honor the Family.

Cheers to you, Coach, for living a full life and impacting so many. To always approaching life with the kind of focus and yet fun that you brought to the table......every day. To being that husband, dad, grandpa, and great grandpa with all that you knew, and for being that "uncle" kind of man to me.

Cheers to a great man. A life lived well. Well done, "Itchy." Well done. ❤️



07/05/16 02:09 PM #30    

Karl Schoeppe (1965)




07/06/16 05:10 AM #31    

Betty Snow (Kuehl) (1964)

I attended Petersburg High School back in 1961-1963 along with my sisters while our dad was working for Greene Construction Company and both my sisters graduated but I moved back to Iowa with my mom and graduated in 1964 at Washington High School. 

I have told people all the great things about having lived in Petersburg those two years.  My sister actually stayed in Petersburg for many more years.  The great thing abaout having lived there was the closeness of everyone in town.  Everyone knew everyone and there was no discrimination that I saw no matter who you were or what your parents did.  I loved the mountains and totally enjoyed my time there.  Actually I would greatly like to visit Petersburg soon.  Just for one jlast memory to take with me.

Our condolences to the families of the girls that did not survive the accident and pray for recovery for the two who were hospitalized. 

10/04/16 08:18 PM #32    

Jean Reid (Ellis) (1965)

In response to the posting on "proof of global warming".  Unfortunately, I must comment that I went all the way to very hot but now almost all the way back to the mid theigh breifs.  :>(    Haven't worn the bloomers yet! 

08/15/19 05:45 AM #33    

Gordon Odegaard (1957)

When I opened up the website this morning my response at seeing the picture was "That's arry."

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