In Memory

Dave Randrup - Class Of 1961

From Mike Schwartz

"Dave Randrup passed from this world to the next  early this morning. He was a very special man. I had the privalege of being his hunting, fishing partner and friend for some 65 years. He was one of the few men I know that you could drop off any wherein the remotest place in the wilds of Alaska,with his rifle and backpack, and he would survive under the most extreme conditions. I always said he should have been born some 200 years ago and President Jefferson would have sent him with Lewis and Clark to venture West. He was an incredible family man and provided an 40 years of service to the people of Petersburg. He was a rare individual and will be missed by many. He spoke of many of u often with love and respect. God speed Dave and give our best to those who will be greeting you. The rest of us our only a breath away and will be along soon enough."