Betty Ortelano Marvin

Profile Updated: May 11, 2010
Class Year: 1956
Residing In: Juneau, AK USA
Occupation: ICWA Desk Help-Liaison
Children and grandchildren: Bobby, born 1956, Phil, born 1958, Albert, born, 1959, Johnny B., born 1960, Darren, born, 1962, Tom More…III, born 1965, David, born 1966, Delfin, born 1967, Bill Bailey, born 1968, Raymond, born 1970, and Cynthia, born 1973.
Yes! Attending Reunion

well, besides raising my children, I worked many years in fish canneries, waitressing, bar maiding, and bartending. In early seventies went back to school, then mid-seventies trained as a receptionist/clerk, in the late seventies trained to be a Manpower Sp. under the CETA Program. In the early eighties I worked for T&H Housing as a Housing Officer, in the ninties worked for CCTHITA in Social Services, Indian Child Welfare Act. went to a community college. Retired as a ICWA worker for two years and now I'm back working under the same program. betty

School Story:

Can't say that school was that much interesting or fun for me in those years, however in later years I found out how important and valuable education is. Yet, I am proud to stand when I hear the Petersburg Viking Song.

Favorite Petersburg story:

How we lived in the days when we didn't have TV's, how our phone system worked I can still hear Mary Ann Blactford saying "nuimber please", and I would call her "Rinny Dinny", she would ans. "here's your number Ricky Ticky", our old stores we would have so much fun wandering around in, especially Wheeler's who would watch to see if anyone would steal his precious goods, and Al's Fountain Shop, Let's face it "The Good Old Days".


I did a lot of traveling especially when working for housing authority. I've been to Washington, DC on a few occassions representing our Tribe, this was interesting, and I worked with 14 communities is southeast Alaska to help youths, and adults with summer employment, also to recertify home owners in these communities.